Governor French: What’s In a Name?

Governor French Academy began in 1983 as the educational dream of a small group of people. The opening events that led to the fulfillment of that dream have been described in Another Opening, Another Show, written by the school’s founder.


The Academy was state-registered when it opened, and achieved its first state recognition in the shortest time possible. Begun originally as an Upper School (High School), the Academy quickly learned that to adequately prepare students for college, students must start preparing far earlier than ninth grade. Therefore, the Academy expanded to include all grades down to kindergarten by 1986 in a system arranged in a Lower School comprised of Forms (K through IV) and an Upper School.

Almost immediately, the Academy was recognized as an excellent college-preparatory school. In fact, every graduate of Governor French Academy since the first graduating class in 1985 has been admitted to an institution of higher education. Now as we look back on thirty years of graduates we find nuclear physicists, a butcher, many medical doctors, a stand-up comedian, several teachers and professors, business owners, chefs, pharmacists, research scientists, parents, and even a few grandparents. In short, Governor French Academy has trained people for college, who then have trained themselves for life.

For the past five years the Academy has been preparing for a transition from a closely-held, sub chapter-S corporation to a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, The College of Governor French. We are proud to announce that the final procedures have been executed so that the 2015 graduation ceremony was the Academy’s first as a not-for-profit institution.

Today, the Academy as a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit institution is governed by the College of Governor French. Governor French Academy is now a cooperative undertaking of its faculty. Every education expert in the United States opines that teachers need to be involved and empowered in American schools. You cannot find a school, other than Governor French Academy, that more completely fulfills that expert opinion. Essentially the Academy is now a co-operative under the direction of all full-time faculty and members of the administration who have been with the Academy for at least three years. As such, Governor French Academy may be the only school in the country really run by its faculty. At the Academy the success of students comes first, and the empowered professionalism of the faculty/staff follows closely.