College Counseling & Placement

Students at Governor French Academy do not visit a full-time counselor for college advisement. Instead, each faculty member gives advice towards finding the best college for his or her students. Special attention is given to colleges that best fit the students’ strengths and unique qualities, as well as their interests. In addition, students are advised to look at colleges that are different than what they think would be their first choice, because those are the schools most likely to offer them admission and aid.


GFA students begin preparing a resume during the ninth grade if not earlier. All GFA students take the ACT and/or SAT. They are encouraged to begin taking these tests early in their upper school years to gain the experience and have a chance at raising their initial scores.

GFA upper school students participate in all college admissions visits until they have been accepted into and made their college choice. This gives freshmen the opportunity to start thinking about options and to learn to ask good questions of the college representatives.

For more information about how we prepare students when it comes to looking into colleges, feel free to contact us today!