The Arts


The Governor French Academy believes that the Arts (Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts, Musical Arts, Dance Arts, etc.) are extremely important to the intellectual development of each student. Therefore, the Academy requires that each student participate in Dramatic Arts and encourages each student to participate in Visual, Musical, and Dance Arts. We are pleased to have added an art teacher to further enhance our STEAM instruction. Our science lab now houses STEAM projects as well.

The Academy uses both its drama program and its strong support of extramural entities like the Art-on-the-Square artist/mentor program, the Youth Orchestra with the St. Louis Symphony, and the Belleville School of Ballet to facilitate this. Several Governor French students currently participate in the Belleville School of Ballet. Furthermore, Governor French graduates have entered the Curtis School of Music in Philadelphia and the Belmont University Music Program.

Governor French Academy requires that every Upper School student participate in at least one drama production each school year. There productions are chosen based on the talents displayed by the student in a particular year, yet the Academy makes certain that it produces at least one Shakespeare play annually (A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Henry IV, parts 1, 2, and 3; Henry V; Romeo and Juliet; and Titus Andronicus).

In addition, the Academy hosts annual in-house presentations by Shakespeare Festival St. Louis [3] for all students. A GFA student has been and is currently one of the actors in St. Louis’ Shakespeare in the Park [4]. The bard said, “All the world’s a stage” and the Academy’s emphasis of drama has proved the adage.

Governor French Academy has an unusual approach to the Arts. The Academy recognizes that young artists are more interested in creating art than in classroom lectures; therefore, young artists at Governor French find themselves creating sets, props, and costumes for the Academy’s drama productions. Young artists find themselves involved in special projects such as the Art-on-the-Square Mathis, Marifian, and Ritcher Ltd. sponsored ornamental bench on West Main Street in front of the main academic building. Furthermore, young artists are encouraged to enter art competitions from local to statewide endeavors. For example, a Governor French Lower School student won an Illinois Department of Transportation safety poster competition.

The Academy, with its Art Gallery and permanent are collection, and its continuing relationships with professional artists, like Yoram Gal, has created a stimulating environment for its students in which there is more art than sports trophies, and more art than concrete black walls. At Governor French art is everywhere.

The Academy operates an Art Gallery in the original front structure of the Joseph Building. Governor French produces nine art shows a year. The shows are juried and overseen by Ms. Sarah Abbott who is pleased to hear from aspiring artists about their work and their desire to display their creations to the general public.

Please note: because the Academy serves students as young as kindergarten-age, all artwork displayed must be appropriate to a young audience as well as to the general public.

Art Gallery Calendar for Governor French Academy is coming soon!

If you are interested in showing your work in the Art Gallery, please contact Ms. Sarah Abbott at 618-688-7758.