Affording Governor French Academy

Governor French Academy receives no direct public money. Public schools in Illinois spend more than $16,500 a year per student. That figure dwarfs the approximately $6,500 total costs of Governor French Academy to parents and guardians. Governor French’s tuition costs are but 26% of the costs incurred by equivalent private college-preparatory schools in neighboring St. Louis.


Still, the financial commitment to send students to Governor French Academy is considerable. Therefore, the Academy offers several payment options and, as the Academy is now operated by a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation the opportunity for scholarships has begun.

But, when purchasing any service the clients must also ask themselves what do they get out of their transactions? The graduating class of 2015 was offered over 1.2 million dollars in scholarships. All of the graduates, but one, were offered scholarships to college. For the number one graduate, a student who studied at Governor French for 13 years, the student’s parents received a 971% return on their child’s educational investment (No, 971% is not a typo. Yes, an investment return of 971% is correct.)