Prospective students are asked to spend a day at the Academy before an enrollment decision may be made by the family or the Academy. Admission to the Academy is predicated upon two procedures:

  1. Do the parents of the student understand exactly what the Academy’s goals are and how it achieves them?
  2. Can the Academy help the student achieve his or her goals?

When these two principles are fulfilled, then the student is admitted to a program of study that best fits his or her needs. The Academy’s structure maximizes the Academy’s ability to individualize.

As you get to know more about Governor French Academy, you’ll see what sets us apart. As a school with rich traditions, challenging curriculum, and a caring teaching staff; you’ll know your child will have the tools necessary to flourish and prepare for college.

Visit Us

Call 618-233-7542 or email us at to schedule a visit. Today, every family has some specific needs. You need to visit to be admitted under normal conditions. You need to be admitted to get the “education that pays”. You need the “education that pays” to afford college. Your children need college so they won’t be living, well with you, when they are 35. Decisions you make today influence a lifetime of tomorrows.


Governor French Academy accepts registration and enrollments throughout the year (Rolling Admissions). We admit students at any time because we believe that what we offer genuinely helps students, and every day that we can help is valuable.

International Students

The Governor French Academy is pleased to welcome students from around the world. We have also had the pleasure of hosting visiting faculty from several countries.

International Students

“This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.”

Some of our international students have come from the following countries:

  • Nigeria
  • Peoples Republic of China
  • Republic of Korea
  • Romania
  • Taiwan
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom

Governor French does warn its prospective students and their parents:

Our goal is to train each student to be successful in university work. As some countries describe it – we must be “Tiger Teachers” to prepare our students for the future.


The Effects My Governor French Education Will Have on My Future (by a 2013-14 GFA 6th grader):

At an early age, a human faces a multitude of small choices that affect his or her future. The quality of a child’s education is one of the largest choices parents may make. At Governor French Academy (GFA), students benefit from many contributing factors such as an independent approach to skill levels, many different opportunities and exposure to diversities in cultures.

At GFA, each student can work at a different level while a public school usually has a group doing everything the same. This means that everyone can be at a level that is appropriate with his or her level of ability. Within one classroom, there can be five or six different math books. This means that a weak student does not have to struggle to do what most of the students find easy. In turn, stronger students are not forced to do work that is too easy and boring. Students who do not fit into either of these categories can settle into a place that feels right for them.

With an individualized set of skills, students are able to excel without putting stress on themselves. Because of this, students are able to get scholarships that also fit their needs. In addition, GFA students not only take the typical standard curriculum. They also study Chinese, which is a less commonly taught language. This allows them to communicate better at Chinese businesses, gives them a wider range of job opportunities, and makes them stand out among other college applicants. Like the individualized skills, this ability to communicate can also lead to more scholarship money and other opportunities.

Learning to communicate and relate to others can be helpful in everyday life as well. Many neighborhoods are separated between economic, ethnic, and religious groups. As a result, the assigned public schools may have students that are all very much the same. At GFA, students are able to experience the beliefs and traditions of other cultures. Students are able to mingle with other students that they might be separated from in the countries of their family origin. This can benefit a student later in life by making it easier to understand how other cultures behave and respond to situations.

Every school has a slightly varying curriculum that can change a student’s future. Some of the variations are how much students work can differ, the scholarships and other opportunities available, and diversity in faculty and student backgrounds. The education a student receives at GFA is extremely valuable for all of these reasons.

We would like to thank the GFA program and your staff for being such an important part of Conner’s life. Todd and I struggled for over a year about what we were going to do about Conner’s high school education. We purchased a lot in Columbia, considered sending him to St. Louis, etc. and are eternally grateful that we discovered your school. It will be one of those moments when we look back, we will be able to say that Conner’s attendance at Governor French was the BEST thing we could have done for him. He feels like you all are his extended family and loves coming to school every day. I don’t know how many kids can say that and we are thrilled that ours does. Thank you all so much!

Todd and Kim Ruhl

Excellent value for the money and excellent academics. Can’t think of a comparable school in the St. Louis area. Children work at their own pace and receive a great deal of individualized attention. Call, schedule a visit, and check GFA out for yourself.

My son was bullied in public school. I pulled him out finally in the 8th grade when I witnessed another student harassing him during a band recital. He was 3 grades behind at that point. I found Governor French and enrolled him for his freshman year. He was accepted by his peers there for who he was and soon blossomed into a great student. This year he will graduate and go onto Truman State. He would not be where is without the personal commitment of GFA staff. The school is well worth the cost.

For the price, my son is getting an amazing education. He reads several years above his age level and is challenged to continue advancing at his own pace.

To Whom It May Concern: In December of 2008, the city of Belleville and Belleville Main Street partnered together on a unique marketing campaign to encourage Belleville residents to shop where they live. A campaign of this nature is a huge undertaking that requires numerous man-hours to complete. Fortunately, the students of the Governor French Academy were willing to assist with this project. Thanks to their assistance a 3-day project was completed in one afternoon. The students of Governor French Academy demonstrated teamwork, cooperation, intelligence, and maturity. Belleville Main Street’s core values of volunteerism and community service are exemplified by the outstanding young people from Governor French Academy. Please pass our sincerest thanks for a job well done to the students.

Angela Massey, Executive Director Belleville Main Street

My children are now living with me in Columbus, Ohio. I sincerely thank you for all that you have done for them over the past few years. I wish there was a GFA here in Columbus they could attend. Even though their time at GFA was short, I believe the impact the school had on them, not just academically but personally, will be with them for a lifetime. Thanks to the diversity of GFA my children requested that the school I chose for them to attend was multi cultural. They enjoyed being able to interact with people from different countries, races and economic backgrounds. I commend you for a job well done and best wishes towards the future.

Tara Duke

If you haven’t been to GFA, you don’t know what school should be.

Lindsay Carroll, Former Student

I just want to tell you that my experience at your school had a very positive and significant impact on my life. At GFA, I found people that believed in my abilities and pushed me to develop these abilities. No one ever mentioned the possibility of attending college until I came to GFA. While I did not stay at Centre College, I am attending SIUE now and will graduate next spring. At 17, I enlisted in the Air Force and worked as a Chinese Mandarin linguist for six years. My enlistment ended in 2002 and I have been attending SIUE since the spring of 2003. I am already a senior and have managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA. I am majoring in English, minoring in Political Science, and plan to attend Washington University Law School in the fall of 2005. I plan to specialize in constitutional law and hope to work with the ACLU. (And maybe I’ll be known as ‘Senator’ one day? It’s doubtful, but possible.) Before coming to GFA, I planned to drop out of high school as soon as I turned 16. My brilliant plan was to work at a fast-food restaurant for the rest of my life. At GFA, I developed an insatiable hunger for knowledge, due mostly to the self-pace classes. That has stayed with me ever since. I also discovered that I have ambition, competitiveness, and a desire for consistent self-improvement. Without the encouragement and support I received at your school… well, I don’t even like to think about it. I know that my potential was always there. I’m just sorry that it didn’t surface earlier. It took a great team of teachers to bring it out. Thank you for everything you taught me.

Former Student

Facts & Figures

  • Current Tuition: $5,940 (tuition rate depends on date of registration)
  • Registration Fee: $350 (registration amount depends on date of registration)
  • Books and Supply Fee: $67/month, but subject to change (uniforms, IOWA testing, PSAT testing, and A.P. testing will be an additional cost)

Request Additional Information

If you would like to request information for Governor French Academy, you may call the school at 618-233-7542. We have information packages available upon request.